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Photographer Jekaterina Ecina - Riga photo studio, maternity & kids photography, wedding car / My cats

My cats

Besides of photographing and designing I breed magnificent Russian Blue cats.

As it often happens – our small world formed unintentionally. When Margo came into my life I even didn’t know that cats participate in shows, not even speaking of the peculiarities of her magnificent breed. Russian Blue will not let you be indifferent, as it didn’t let me be.

I was so spell bounded by her emerald eyes, gracious behavior, blinking intelligence in her eyes and shining silver in her coat, that decided to create a cattery of Russian Blue cats in Latvia - which we don’t have plenty here – in order to show what a wonder they are as well as to improve and perfect this wonder.

This is how in February 2005 Sapphire Twilight Cattery was created. The name can be explained by characteristics of sapphire – it is a precious stone of most likely blue or emerald color. Emerald eyes, blue coloring and precious friendship – this is all about Russian Blue.

In case you also would like to find yourself such a friend – contact me! I can speak for hours about them. Will explain, help, tell, and show. But be ready – they captivate! :)